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Roulette -an honesty of a casino

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Roulette -an honesty of a casino

Every day a number of people interested to play on real money in an interactive casino grows. Even habitants of Los Angeles, world capital of poker, often play online.
It is not necessary to drive to the casino if it is late night game, and an interactive loss is not divulged.
However growth of interactive poker is not a cause for worrying for owners of brick and cement gaming hall. By no means! At first an interactive visit does not embarrasses that much as the first visit to the concrete-brick hall. The question is about education of whole generation of beginning players gradually taking experience and confidence before a visit in the real world casino.
It allows the game of poker to develop and broaden not only within the limits of gaming halls - raising up of its actions on growing valuable papers market is possible at the same time. In this plan poker has completely other status, than horse races whose fans get older and whose organizers in flow of many years undertook nothing for bringing in of young audience to the stadium. Owners of horse races eventually acknowledged a need in education of new players and opened a publicity broadcasting company “Come on, kid, come on”, but results of delayed actions are barely visible.
Since so many experienced players apply to the interactive casinos, not a single day passes without discussing an honesty of online casinos in e-mails “I’m an experienced (if I do not win, I break even at least) player of a real casino and my interactive opponents score off above me so that final results of session are outrageous low for the player of my level!”.
I wouldn’t uniquely speak about honesty of all interactive services or about absolute reliability and protection of any software, I am sure that there are a lot of convincing explanations about all sorts of disrepairs or inferior estimations of results of the games, and they are not connected with a dishonorableness from the side of creators of the programs or players.

Take a glance at these notes: will you agree with the following comments?
1. You have to make records during an interactive game more carefully.
More often players only speak that they make exact records of the game but strict order of record is not actually kept. Most players in poker create a certain picture of their own game in mind, and as a self-deceit is peculiar to human nature, people forget about losses, remembering only winnings. Many players that consider themselves to be stable, effective players actually lose from time to time, while those who consider themselves to be winners, lose or break even in reality. In the interactive game it is impossible to create the false picture of your own game: you exactly know the sum transferred by a finance company, you know how many cheques you have sent or what size of winning transfer you cashed out.
2. If you “read” people then interactive mode of game won’t let you to reveal your ability.
I consider an ability to foretell people’s actions to be my trump. I pass with somebody, while with other people in the same circumstances I would play or whist. In an interactive casino such physiognomic ability of penetrating becomes useless: you only see a picture of steps of opponent.
3. Certainly you are more relaxed in an interactive casino
As you are at home, it is possible watch TV, to read a book or do something in the house, I.e. to be engaged in a few businesses at the same time during the game. You must admit that dissipated man yields in the game to the concentrated opponent.
4. You will play more games within an hour
As the rate of interactive games usually is much higher, than the rate of games in real time, you participate in the greater number of rounds in one hour. This means that if lose then you lose much faster. If you are really lucky then in an hour in online mode you get a lot more then for an hour played in real time casino (the more rounds - the more winnings, losses, errors, lucks and bad lucks).And you don’t need to give tips to the croupier. It is known that it is a tradition to give good tips to the croupier in the concrete-brick gaming-houses but at the pretty long game these tips grow in a pretty big some.
5. It is easier to press on the key, than to bustle about, reaching and passing chips.
The game with chips creates more fuss than game on cash in an interactive casino. Your motions are minimized up to hitting a key. You do not have to reach for chips and pass them to the croupier (perhaps irretrievably!), you are barely press the key. For many players it creates freedom of motions and gives certain freedom to the game.
6. Your card has more chances to be striked, as more players play to the end.
Look at the reason number five. The more free players feel the more man will wish to finish to the end, frequently with a weak card (but remember that this card can also strike). The more players that whist - the more probable defeat from a casual trump. It is possible to earn good money on such players but in the same game fortune can play against you. I payed attention to this after one remarkably successful game in an interactive casino. I won a lot of money (thank to heavens it has compensated my losses in the Costa Rica), but the number of beaten moves was surprisingly great. How could I be in plus suffering so many failures? The reason is that many of the players were decently losing to those who were whisting and that allowed to stay in the game.
7. It is easier to continue to play when nobody watches a game.
If you visit gaming-houses often then you should know that when you suddenly begin to lose, it is possible to maintain self-possession as you do not want to look like an idiot, that loses his temper because of the loss. Probably you would like to save respect of surrounding people and you will finish the game being restrained. When you play under a under a nickname nobody nobody will know that you play awfully and yell at your computer and that your results go down except you. Your opponents only know that someone under this nickname plays badly but nobody knows that it’s you.
8. The double game is double troubles.
I know that many players play two games simultaneously. Some say that it increases their chances to win as in a such active rate they refuse from doubtful cards having more decent set on other hand. Perfectly - if it works indeed. Others think that it is easier to assume an error of accidental pressing “back” in place of “game” and you then you switch to watching of another game. Also it will be hard to keep track of opponents’ manner of game in two games.
(I am not trying to persuade anyone but my experience showed that in general quality of game suffers because personally I pay considerable attention to the studying of tactics of competitors’ game.)
Notice that every-hour index of your bets accordingly changes. For example, you win 1.2 big bets for an hour of game, but this index falls down to 0.7 when you play of double game. In this case you need to continue to play in the mode of double game as present progress is 1.4 in place of 1.2. But main index here is your feelings and likes- what game gives you more pleasure.
9. Paranoia can destruct everyone.
I know many people who believe that it is possible “to create your own reality” and in something they are right. If you sit down to the table with thoughts about a secret conspiracy among your opponents against you. or that handing in cards is cheated, then you feel fear at the game and your success can suffer from it. It is difficult to play not being confident (although superfluous self-confidence is also harmful, so try to stay in the middle) and being suspicions will probably lead you to a failure.

These reasons (and probably there are more than 9 of them) do not explain all complications of interactive games. Technical protect failures are possible, and conspiracy among your opponents is not excluded (though it is not a cause for trouble: swindlers that are not able to win honestly are more likely not be able to cheating competently). An interactive poker is not perfect (at least now), but in any case, it is easier to a table than in the real gaming-house. In addition, the interactive game is much nearer to perfection, what is denied by individual losers. And I believe that a moment will come when your mastery of playing will cause opponents to think that you are a cheater!

Andrew Glayzer

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