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Roulette - the passion

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Roulette - the passion

...: He ran, and the hell followed him...

It is a story of the anonymous patient of one of the American clinics for addicted. The story-teller finds the history shameful and asked not to name his name in order not to compromise friends, family, colleagues and dear people.
His passion has arisen and has grown in Las Vegas, and everything started with small bets in a casino in 1974. Predilection developed gradually and irreversible. "Gamblings overtook me; I have become addicted with it. The feeling of passion is stronger than sex and drugs. Your every mind, every idea is about it every single minute".
During 25 years our hero has been accused in larceny of $6.6 million and he has been sentenced to the conditional conclusion for 5 years. Once he has lost $2.2 million in "baccara". He had to sign the four-million petition about bankruptcy, he has lost 10 houses and wasted 2 business enterprises.
He has spent money for college and has been excluded from school, tried to commit a suicide three times. He has not kept his own dwelling, hasnt kept friends, has not found the spouse, could not eat and sleep.
He was diagnosed, he has undergone to medicamentous treatment which has muffled manic - depressive attacks, but: ":there is something in my brain that wants to get outside, a certain pulse, the more higher the bets are- the more strong is euphoria". "I have lost $5000 of parental money for studies at one game. As I couldn't study any more i got employed in 'Harrah's', but affinity of gambling institution has played its role. In 1999 it was necessary to ask protection against bankruptcy, having debts for the sum of $3.5 - $4 one million. I owned 11 houses, and one car and one house was left form this property."
In 2000 he started to look for help in the rehabilitation centers. He was completely isolated for 42 days. He has been thinking about suicide all these days. Treatment in the center "Trimeridian" has cost 20,000 dollars, and when he was leaving the center he was dependent from 6 medicines, which cost $250 a month. However the obsession has returned.
He has been writing out $6.6 million bills, having only 66 thousand on the pension contribution. It has led to judicial trial and accusation in larceny. Now only fear to get in prison keeps our hero away from a casino. Fatal predilection and rehabilitation programs have taken all his life.

It is counted up that among inhabitants of Southern Nevada about 30000 are problem players.

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