The roulette. What to start with?            
The roulette. What to start with?

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The roulette. What to start with?

Roulette online

First of all make sure of reliability of the following means: the valid credit card, a personal computer with internet connection. If you only own a Mac or Web TV then you are out of the game already.
To familiarize with variety of games, open the preview page.
As soon as you find a casino to your taste go to the download page. The casino can offer a couple versions of the software at once so here again it's up to you.
Enter your e-mail address in order to get a key code which is required later to get access to the software at first use of the program. Click "download", however do not forget to note where you have saved a file on your hard disk in order to find easily in a consequence. After the download find a file in that directory where you have saved it. Double clicking on a shortcut will start a setup program by means of which process of installation will be carried out. It is required form you only to react for corresponding inquiries and to choose a place for saving the program of a casino on a hard disk of your personal computer.
Check up the contents of your e-mail box to be convinced of reception of a key code. If the information is not delivered yet then wait for 5-10 minutes. This key code is necessary for initial opening of the program of a casino.
Start the program. Enter the key code received by e-mail in an allocated fragment of a field on the screen of the display. (Do not worry about quantity of formalities: the above described procedures are carried out only at the first start of the program).
If you have already liked spirit of gambling and feel that luck is on your side then you can choose "For Real" mode of a game at once . To become a member of a casino it is required to register, that is to fill in certain data card and to press "OK". Further, you get in "Cashier" and make the depositary monetary contribution on the account of a casino. Usually a couple of deposit methods are used so take advantage of one of them, under own discretion.
Having money on your account, you are instantly ready to a choice of game and free to get into passion as hard as you want or as your finance allow to. If you want to practice a game then it is necessary to choose "For Fun" mode right at the beginning of the program. Then you can find the game you like in the main menu. If the game is not familiar to you then you can always ask for help: with the help pressing the key "Help". You'll get in information section of the rules of games and efficient advice. In case of occurrence of any questions or at collision with any difficulties, communicate by means of e-mail, fax or by phone with casinos support department. The information on corresponding addresses of communication contains on a "Contact" page of a website.

Cash out

When you finish your game for a while, your money can stay in safety on your account in a casino up to the following game session. If you wish to cash in a part of money or all sums from your account in a casino, operate through "Cashier" and press "withdrawal". Choose one of the suggested modes of "withdrawal" and follow the further instructions.

Pluses and minuses
Absence of free-of-charge drinks in a virtual casino is doubtless lack, but there are also advantages of gambling in the Internet:
- You are free to play in pyjamas
- There is no need to leave the house
- You can unpunishedly offend the dealer
- You can go to a toilet during the game

Roulette online - Advices

Remember that probably there is a difference in how you play: "For fun" and "For real" (hardly earned money). You may change the style of the game but rules of games and chances remain the same.
When you cash in the prize be ready to wait for some time. The waiting time depends on active capacity of your post service, places of your residing and a choice of a cashing in money method from the account in a casino. If you have faced any difficulties or waiting period, in your opinion, has suspiciously been delayed then immediately communicate with a support service. Remember, these people work on you so feel free to contact for any help!
Armed with these information and advices you are ready to enter the wonderful world of the Internet gamblings.

Good luck! And let the game begin.

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